About Us

Our Story

I have been running a wine tasting room for a couple of years, after attending SDSU's extended learning school about The Wine Business. The Tasting room is only open Saturday and Sunday from Noon to 6 PM. At the end of Sundays shift we faced a problem, "What do we do with the open bottles of wine"? So I started taking the wine  and making jelly with the wines. Our wines are award winners. in the last competition in our area we submitted four wines. There were 160 entries, we received four awards One Gold and three Silver. I consider it wine abuse to pour out these delightful wines. The other option was to give them away, making jelly makes even more sense. I hope you agree with me. These jellies have all the taste and attributes of the wines without the alcohol. SORRY!

Our Land

Our wine come from the San Diego area of California which has been growing vines since the 1700's. That's when the Padres brought in the what is now called the Mission grape. Our climate is great for growing vines that like mild winters and warm summers and very little rain.

Our Jellies

Our jellies are not overly sweet. They are made from our white, red and fruit wines. The whites are clean and crisp, because we use Stainless Steel for fermentation instead of Oak. Our reds are oaked and very earthy and great finishes. Which make great jellies.